Learning everyday

While documenting academic experiences has dominated my work in recent years it builds on my experience making journalistic images for decades.

For many years I covered events, sports, and people for newspapers and the AP in the Midwest. Based in New York City since 2001, I have worked with a range of corporate, non-profit, and family clients.

From New York City it is easy to cover assignments in the Hudson Valley, the Berkshires, and from D.C. to Boston and into central PA/western NY. Working in Hawaii, Asia, Central America, Europe, and Africa has also been a snap thanks to nearby major airports. 

a journalist at heart

I had the good fortune to get started in photojournalism in what may have been the last boom of of the industry. My career straddles the film and digital eras, analog to digital transmission, and the explosion of online media. I'm also a graduate of the Indiana University Journalism School when it was home to one of only two paid circulation campus papers in the country, was on the Associated Press NewsWire, and had a long run of distinguished professors and notable alumni that continues to this day.

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