a passion for sports

I started my professional life working on television sports productions in the Washington D.C. area and the midwest. But it is pretty hard to hang a video on the wall so I changed sides to print journalism in college. Division I colleges field a wide variety of teams, but football, basketball, soccer, and the Little 500 bicycle race supported investments in the special equipment needed. For 12 years I was a regular contributor to the AP NewsWire and a variety of local, regional, and national publications. The decline of daily journalism has limited my assignment work since I moved to New York City, but I jump at the opportunities when they come up. Sports are a big part of pre-college experiences too and it is fun to have the equipment to make photos that you can't make with a smart phone. Sports build community and great sports photographs raise the bar. Whether it is professional style trading cards for a youth baseball league, the first (and maybe the only) college athletics yearbook, or great images for families sports is one of my areas of expertise.

College football

For more than 15 years I have covered Indiana football at home and away. Since moving to NYC I jump at the chance to cover games on the east coast.