once a journalist always a journalist

Once a journalist always a journalist. Though the business of daily photojournalism has fallen on hard times I am open to completing assignments. Connections with people is one thing I miss about daily journalism so I get my fix when I can, including photographing portraits and headshots.

Central to photojournalism is to not influence what I'm covering, often with a need for a quick turnaround. I've also ventured into the world of content marketing which crosses into the world of advertising, public relations, and corporate clients where hands on directing is more the norm. I've been published in many newspapers across the spectrum to documenting corporate events to producing images for advertorial clients like the US Army and Nintendo.

Editorial photography usually means doing more than you can with a smartphone, working in challenging conditions, low light, and fast-moving situations that can't be restaged. Under deadline a single image might be sufficient, but when possible producing a variety of images to tell a story is my preferred approach to assignments.

(Photos to come)