Family photography with a professional touch

Not our parent’s approach to photographs

Family photos have changed radically over my life. I missed the tail end of the department store photo studio (and plastic furniture covers, whew), but I still experienced the peak and decline of cheap film cameras, fading color prints, and misplaced strips of negatives. One of my most cherished family photos was made by Daniels Photography, a local photo studio, with a camera that was beyond reach. We have one 5x7 print and the negatives are long gone.

Today it is easy to forget how early digital cameras robbed us of quality images compared to film, but exposed us to instant gratification. Department stores and their photo studios are gone. In our fast paced lives we have a different relationship with photographs. Do you miss having photos around your home and the spontaneous and joyful encounters they give you? My approach to family assignments builds in an easy way to invest in prints, framed art, and albums and books. Digital files that rival film quality are also part of the packages.

I am ready to make the images you wish you had of a younger you that you will cherish today, in twenty years, and beyond. Not constrained by a studio. In your home. In nature.

Creating cherished images and valued prints and albums

A family session can mean many things. A day to get everyone in the house off their smart phones and video games, dress up a bit and make a bunch of fun photos, maybe plan ahead for a holiday card pose. Perhaps a big birthday bash like one I photographed at a fancy restaurant and made family photos in an improvised studio. Almost any day can fit into a session format. I'm flexible and passionate about making photos for families they can't easily make themselves. It is a big motivation for my work in schools too.

Our first instinct is to just ask for all the digital files from a photo session, but what do you do with them? Can you even get a good print made in your community? Do you have the time? I'm taking a new approach to this work that encourages you to have professional images made along with professionally made prints and albums. You'll also get digital files.

A big part of my service to you is not letting this become another project that gets lost in the shuffle. Those bare walls will finally have art, and over time you'll have many more cherished images than we have of our childhoods.

Your pictures to cherish and hold

Digital Files

Fully edited and touched up files you select from the gallery. From a few to all images depending on the package you select. Print release provided so you can have them reprinted locally. Incorporate them into you digital collection. Display them on a digital frame. Share them with distant family and friends by social media.

Large Prints

Large format printing is hard to find locally, and the professional labs we use get it done right the first time. Chose from traditional photo papers, artistic printing options, or museum grade inkjet prints with the included print credit in your chosen package.

Framed Art Prints

Go from screen to your wall with framed prints. To keep it simple I will present options that match your style. Presentation mounting is also an option, as are newer print materials like acrylic, metal, or wood.

Albums and Books

Albums and books are much more accessible than a folder on your computer. A fun mini book can be a great gift for relatives. A more formal album will become a keepsake for the future. We can produce them with photo prints or high quality digital printing to match your preference.

Carpe diem!

Are you ready get on the calendar? Let's hop on the phone today (646 374-8187) and find the time to start your journey with images to cherish and hold. Before you look back and realize someone important was always making the photo instead of being in it.


How do you price a session?

The cost associated with a family session adapts to each one, but it has two key parts. A modest session fee puts you on the calendar. Then after you see the images two weeks after you make the final choice of one of three packages that include digital files and credit to use for prints, framed art, and albums. It allows us to give you the best value for your investment with minimal complications. On our first phone call we will go into this in more detail.

Can you come to us?

I work from two bases, in Manhattan and in Columbia County, NY. I can easily come to you along the Hudson Valley, into the Berkshires, and around New York City.

Session scheduled, what's next?

Leading up to the session we will be in touch to help you plan for the day. After the session your images will take two weeks to be prepared. I will send you a link to a slideshow of your photos that you can access for 24 hours after you click through the first time. After you select from one of the three collections the gallery will be unlocked for 30 days. I do this to help you stay on task with a deadline to keep you focused on picking your favorite images and plotting how to spend the print credit included in your level of package. Your items will be produced when you order them and sent to you, and you can get your digital files almost instantly.

Can you work on a tight deadline?

The photojournalist side of me can work quickly, but I don't want to rush the process of preparing your images or the labs too much. Scheduling the session depends on each other's availability. If you have an important day to give a gift plan for at least 30 days lead time. Faster than that may incur rush charges with labs.