A lifetime of learning

Build awareness of the amazing experiences students have everyday

When our kids started school I took being an involved parent to a new level. Kids get to do cool stuff at school, but they come home and declare nothing interesting happened. I'll never turn down a snapshot by a teacher or a chaperone, but they have more important things to do. I took on the role of photojournalist for the school for many years. The early schools years are the most transformative, and now that our sons are in middle school and high school I'm available to apply my photography skills and experiences to other schools.

One hundred eighty days a year our kids are out of sight most of the day and my experience as a photojournalist parent gives me the perspective to document their experiences on stage, in the classroom, or on adventures. Great photos to help grow the parent community, encourage participation in fund raising, and build stronger ties to the school after they move on.

This is why I adopted the LMNTARYimages name. Everyday I work to help parents see what they've been missing.

Encourage engagement

Post pandemic, parent communities need a jump start to make up for the lack of contact during remote learning. The images I have made in schools can increase family engagement and grow in value over time. I can also work with your staff to make better photos and develop sharing strategies to raise awareness of all the hard work you do for the children and their families.

Student portraits

Start the year with a theme and make fun photos of the teachers and put them on the moon, on a surf board, the red carpet, or a more traditional portrait. I've also done my share of conventional photos of students (expanded to five schools last spring), and for a few years, before the pandemic, I photographed students the same way each year at one school to make a progression like this. This is a good place to start building brand equity for your school and lasting family relationships.

Up for the challenge

The pandemic kept the students at home during the 2021-22 school year, but they made a point of having an in person commencement. To accommodate the families and provide safe distancing required them to split the event into two. This class photo is a composite of each half with a ton of edits (including removing one clever student who got into each photo!).

This is an example of the extra attention I put into class and group photos merging parts of many images into a final image to represent every student as well as possible, and including the student names in the final print design (not shown for privacy reasons).

A different approach

From kindergarten to fourth grade I photographed this grade the same way each year. Since there was no opportunity to get everyone together for a group photo I made this composite for the school.

A year in pictures

Life before the pandemic was filled with interesting field trips, field days, performances, and more. Make plans to elevate the coverage of the year at your school. A challenge in sharing my work is respecting the privacy of the kids so many of these are more on the anonymous side and not representative of the thousands of images I have made each year.

Classroom performance
Tug of war at field day
Getting ready for the school musical
First graduation at a new middle school
Graduates from a new middle school
Mortar board graffiti at graduation
Competing in a math bee
Scholar silhouetted against a math question during a math bee
Candid moment at a ballroom dance performance
Parent and child reading under a motivational poster at school
Students reading on a geometric rug
Celebrating a goal during a soccer championship game
At the net during a volleyball game
Post game handshakes after a volleyball match