Your day on the slopes

Our sons ski at Catamount as often as possible and I'm often out with my gear photographing them. Someone walking around with a big telephoto lens is a fairly uncommon sight. If I had a nickel for every other skier who asked me to make a photo of them I'd be a lucky photographer. Over the years I've tried to be accommodating, but actually getting the photos in front of them has been difficult. Maybe the third try is the charm.

Family Session on the slopes

The easiest way to be certain I'm photographing you and your family is to arrange with me in advance to chronicle your experience on the slopes. This would include some time for images off the skis, around a fire pit or playing in the snow or at the tubing center for example, and time on the slopes. Basically a Family Session in the snow. Lets talk if this sounds interesting.

Sharing other cool photos

Please note that I am not an employee of Catamount, and my ability to do this may be curtailed if someone complains. Since I do not have a model release from random skiers I will not use or sell identifiable images for promotional purposes.

For the random skier I have created a Facebook page called Catamount Photos that links to this page and to a gallery in my online store. When I'm out making photos I'll update the page to say where I am that day. If I see a good photo I'll probably capture it and I'll share the best of them where the skiers can find them.

I'm drawn to spots on the hill with good light, and there are more this year after the changes made off season. If you have a wild helmet cover, or are out skiing in a cow suit, and you aren’t in the middle of a bone shattering wipe out I'll do my best to make a memorable image.

“A common thread in my photography work is building community.”

In the interest of privacy I may post photos with details obscured until I hear from the subject. I will make a note if I have more photos of a particular group to reduce number of images I initially share, and I will take down any photo you ask me to. I'll refine this process as needed.