Images for the ages

By Garrett Ewald, Parent, Photographer, Documentarist

LMNTARY Images is led by Garrett Ewald, a photojournalist ready to cover sports, family and corporate events, performances, portraits, and more. Based in New York City since 2001 he has completed assignments and projects from the mid-Atlantic to New England, and any place he can fly to from LaGuardia, JFK, or Newark. He is also responsive to the needs of working safely in a world dominated by Covid-19 concerns. 

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Drummers at Harlem Dance Festival
Annual photos of a student in uniform
Andre Watts at Lincoln Center
Student silhouetted by video projector
Dancers performing the Nutcracker
IU President Michael McRobbie in New York City
UNC vs Indiana in Philadelphia
Celebrating departing principal Jennifer Haynes
A Nebraska player celebrates at Penn State
Ice skaters at the US Olympic Festival in Oklahoma City