An Investment for the future

Digital photography has radically changed how we make and save photographs, but unlike snapshots made with our phones professional photography is an investment that pays off in the long run. Relying on a relative with a camera or self timers can be risky for moments that can't be recreated. You've got enough to focus on during your big day, photography shouldn't be one of them. When it comes time to photograph a wedding, a special family occasion, or a life milestone keep in mind that professional photography includes more than the actual event. Checking out the venue in advance, preparing the day before, arriving hours early, processing the images after the event, and preparing albums and prints are all part of the process.

My approach to your big day carries over to my approach to all of the areas of photography I have experience in. Teachers have better things to do than make and share snapshots of our kids. There are many other images they don't have the time to make, or the time to share. My goal is to make high quality images you would want to publish or hang on your wall, no matter what the assignment is.

Family Sessions

Starting at $350

A modest session fee is combined with one of three packages with different levels of credit to use towards items to display or showcase your session

School Projects

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Student portraits, class photos, performances, events, classes, field trips, and more

Short events


It is a rare event that doesn't take up the entire day, but for brief shoots with no commercial usage this is my base rate.

Standard Events


When more of the day will be spent setting up and shooting, and the event is reasonably photo friendly and has no commercial usage this is where my rate would start. This could cover a reception, or multiple portrait sittings (ie: a graduating class).

Full day events

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A more complex wedding, or a corporate conference are good examples of this level, but no two events are the same. Possible options include a second shooter, video, covering events leading up to the big day, or a large volume of photos to prepare for you.

Coverage for a publication

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Many factors to consider for the pricing for an assignment for a publication. I love to do these but they are becoming less common, sadly. Working on deadline is also an option.


Working within a budget

The pricing noted above is a starting point. As I learn more about what you need and want I will prepare a more detailed estimate. A family event is different from a company event, for example, and what it will take from me to produce high quality work will influence my estimate.

How do you photograph weddings?

As a photojournalist my approach to photographing weddings and family events (and conferences too) centers on looking for significant moments and making photos that stand the test of time. Along the way we can plan for the traditional photos of your dreams, and I will always be on the lookout to make images with stunning lighting and composition. My background in video and book design prepares me to capture detail shots, images of your guests, and more so you'll have as complete a record of your day as possible. When possible it is great to have a second shooter to expand the range of images and upgrade your investment in documenting your big day.

Where are you based and do you travel?

I'm based in New York City and can easily work up the Hudson Valley, and into the Berkshires. If you're planning a destination event it makes sense to consider having me travel because there is lots to plan and do before and after and you can't always count on a photographer at the venue to be available when you need them. I've photographed weddings in Singapore, Mexico, and Italy over the years, but the bulk of my work is in the NYC/NJ/CT area.

When will we get our photos?

I prefer to complete the work on a shoot as quickly as possible, but my work load might be a factor. I like to get some photos to you the same day so you can share them on social media, and I will work with you to have them ready when you will have time to review them.

How many pictures will we receive?

As a general rule most big events have up to 100 or fewer significant images, and it can be a challenge for most clients to effectively work with more than that. At the same time some events might have a second tier of images of family and friends, especially when a second shooter is involved, so the actual number can vary from one event to another.

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