Getting Ready for your Portrait Session

Hooray! I'm looking forward to your session. There are a few details for you to consider before the big day. My goal is for everyone to have fun, make the photos you have in mind, and surprise you with photos you hadn't expected.

Before the Session

Any wardrobe considerations?

A. The biggest no no is fine lined fabrics like herringbone. They can cause a moire pattern and become a distraction from the photo.
Another consideration is where we will be doing the photos. If there is a dominant color at the location everyone should avoid clothing that is too similar, or that would clash. Remember too what colors would look good hanging on the wall in your home.
If you are uncertain, and we have the time, I'm game to meet you at the location to see what colors will work best.

Where should we do the session?

A. It isn't just real estate where location is important. I'm up for almost any location, and I have the equipment to light an arena if needed, but there might be restrictions we can't work around.
We can do this in your home if you like, nearby, or someplace significant to your family. If travel to the beach, to a park, or to the Bahamas, will be involved I may need to build the associated costs into the session fee.
Central Park is always an option, but the Conservatory Garden requires reserving a date and paying a non-refundable fee ( Other parks can work too, but if crowds can be a factor we need to keep that in mind.
If it is a new location to me I will visit it before the session and scout out spots for photos.

How to have a successful session?

A. To keep everyone happy and engaged you may need to prepare your kids for what to expect. Bring snacks that won't make any big messes.
I'm happy to make silly photos, but I suspect you'll be hoping for nice smiles and no crossed eyes!
If anyone is attached to a toy or stuffed animal I'm happy to include them if you are.
Family pets are good to include, but it would be great if someone can join us to mind them when they have lost interest in being photographed.
The shoot could take 2-4 hours (a lifetime away from a video game, I know), but I will work hard to keep it moving quickly.
We should talk before the big day about images you really want to capture. Seen an image you love? Do share and I'll see if we can make it happen.

Oh no a fever/tummy ache/emergency, what do we do?

A. Heading into cold and flu season do your best to stay healthy. A big ask if your have walking disease vectors in the house, so if someone has a fever, upset stomach, or other malady it is probably best to not try to power through it. I would rather find a new day to try again than have a zombie at the photo session.

After the Session

I will get to work editing the photos

Because I will prepare at least 50 images for you to review it will take about two weeks before they are ready for you to see.
I will send you a message as soon as they are ready!

Make time to watch the slideshow

My email will have a link to a slideshow of all of the images. It's important you wait to click the link until you are ready to watch it with full attention. The link will expire 24 hours after you click it the first time.

Time to make a decision

After you've seen the slideshow it is time to decide which package you want to purchase. When you've made the payment the gallery link will open for you to pick your favorites, decide which ones you will use your download credits for (the top package includes downloads of all the images), and how you will use your credits for items to display around your home.

Enjoy your downloads!

When you have made your download choices they will arrive as a compressed ZIP file, or a link to download the file of images. You have permission to make prints of these at your local lab and share with friends and family. The only limit is they can't be used for commercial purposes or resale without permission. The images are copyright Garrett Ewald.

Use your photo lab credits

To help keep you focused on completing the session the gallery will be available for only 30 days. The lab credits should make your first item(s) easier to order, and you can order more things if you like. If you'd like to upgrade to a bigger package let me know. After 30 days the gallery will close and a fee to restore it will be incurred. I will remind you as the closing date get closer, and if you have had an emergency surface let me know.

Don't forget to back up your downloads

I try to maintain an archive of the images I make, but to be on the safe side I suggest you make back ups of your downloads too. Best practice is to make a copy that you can safely store away from your home, a copy in the cloud is a good extra measure but shouldn't be your only offsite copy. At home I recommend using a special type of external hard drive called a RAID. It has two hard drives in one box, and in a Level 1 RAID each drive is an identical copy. If one fails you just put in a replacement and a few hours later the new drive is a complete copy of the other again. All types of storage have a degree of instability but RAID drives give you an extra level of safety.

Printing your downloads

It is getting harder every day to find a good local lab to get prints made. I use Pro Image Photo (Broadway at 94th and Amsterdam at 74th) for prints. If you have an online lab you like make sure you turn off any color correction by the service when you order.

Thank you!

I'll say it again no doubt. I'm looking forward to make images of your family.